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Can't read MMS

Good day


I received an MMS from a number that is unknown to me but in the form af a link. I am unbale to open the link. I am taken to a page MMS LOGIN. IF YOU ARE NOT AN EXISTING USER SELECT FORGOT PASSWORD/REGISTER. I used my vodacom online login details but it is invalid. I tried to register but I get an error message. THIS NUMBER IS INCORRECT.


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Re: Can't read MMS

There nothing wrong with your Operating System OS or Phone Settings.. 

The problem has resulted by Vodacom and it's Developers Dept that is in the process of making changes to their MMS Backend System WITHOUT INFORMING THE STAFF AT IT'S CALL CENTRES. 

You will be limited to 20 calls per Calendar Month to these call centres by not informing them they have put the Cart infront of the Horses = Sick.

Please inform all other VC users.