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Read this first: Welcome to the Vodacom Community

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Hello and welcome to the Vodacom Community.

As the name says, this is about community, helping one another get the best out of technology and finding answers by searching the posts. The community is about exchanging ideas, showing off your skills and knowledge and meeting a few like minded people. If you would rather sit back and read a few posts, that’s cool too.




Here are some housekeeping rules:


  1. Never publish your personal contact details on the forums. Only give details to those people you trust. Use Private Message for this. Your safety comes first.
  2. You will never be asked for you login details please always keep them safe. If you are evr asked for you login details please let any of the moderators or Community Managers know as soon as possible.
  3. The Community is not a customer service channel. You can find these on twitter.com/vodacom111 or www.facebook.com/vodacom Please use these channels to get fast resolution
  4. Please make sure your post complies with post guidelines and policies.
  5. Feel free to share your post on social media. That's what social media is for, sharing.

Before you post a problem, use the search function on the community to see if there are any similar posts. You’d be surprised to find out how many other members of the community may have encountered the same problem and solved it. 


Feel free to post suggestions, complaints and queries within this post. 


Once again welcome to your community.



Your Community Manager

Check out the Community Terms and Conditions here.