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ZTE R212 firmware update please.

I have spent the last 3 weeks being bounced from VC customer care to tech support and back being told that they can't do a firmware update on the R212 modem. "I have to buy a new modem because it is now out of warranty". offers a 4.3v update to solve the issue of the modem not auto-reconnecting and I believe there are later versions too. VC community forum threads here talk about upgardes, which VC South Africa did instore only, run dry in 2014. So I know it's possible. I know VC can do it and yet, VC doesn't offer any help. Can anyone please help me get the update?


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Re: ZTE R212 firmware update please.

Take your Router to Cellucity/Vodacom4u requesting that the required update done and sent to Mr Winters Cape Town ARC - Advanced Repair Center. Avoid the Vodacare at T/valley or any of these shops there.