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Cannot receive any unidentified calls to Samsung GalaxyA5

I have a Samsung Galaxy A5. I upgraded in February 2017. Since then, I have not been able to receive calls to my phone if the caller was not already saved as a Contact in the Phonebook.


This means family, friends and co-workers can call and I can see and answer the call. But ANY unknown number is simply rejected by the phone/network. My screen will light up, the handset will vibrate, but I cannot see who called and do not get a missed-call notification. Callers tell me my line is constantly engaged.


I have logged several queries with Vodacom. They have "restarted" my SIM on the network. They have also enabled and disabled the Fixed Dialing Numbers function on the SIM. And, they have suggested that I restart my phone every day by physically taking out the SIM card and doing a full reboot. NOTHING WORKS.


Vodacom has closed my query as "problem resolved". So basically, my phone doesn't really work as a phone. 

Can someone help me resolve why I can't receive calls?