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Platform Gaming

how can i change my NAT type for ps3

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New Contributor
I hope someone can help as I have tried everything.

I use my mobile hotspot for online gaming on my ps3 but am struggling with changing my NAT type from 3 to 2. I have even requested unrestricted apn but it is still NAT type 3. Please tell me what I am doing wrong as unrestricted apn was said to have solved my problem but nothing has changed.



What are you trying to accomplish with the NAT?



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New Contributor
Thanx for the reply.
I am trying to change my NAT type to better my online gaming experience for example to find game lobbies quicker, to find splitscreen lobbies and even to host lobbies now and then. With NAT type 3 I cant find any lobbies on call of duty advanced warfare, only limited lobbies on Call of duty black ops 2.

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So what you will need to do is get your PS3 a static IP address on the router you are connecting with.


So you will have to go into the PS3 network settings and set the IP Address to manual configuration and then set the IP address to the range that the router is in.


If the router issues addresses that look like this then you will give it and address like use the router defualt IP address as the gateway when doing the PS3 network setup.


You should end with a config that looks something like:

IP address


Default Gateway


Now on the router you can do one of two things


1. Enable the DMZ and then put the PS3 IP address in the DMZ

This will expose your PS3 to the internet and is not recommended.


2. Add NAT Rules or Port forwarding rules to the NAT or Port Forwarding lists, Depending on your router they will label them as either one or the other. For all intents and purposes they are the same thing.


You will have to know what ports to open up when you do this, and you will probably have to go and read up on the games blogs to see what ports are used for what game and what function.


This will all be useless though if you are using your phones hotspot because as far as i know these settings cannot be done natively on a smartphone hotspot setup.


The static IP addressing maybe but not DMZ and NAT as far as i know. But i could be wrong.


I hope this helps,




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