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We all know that Free is a relative term. Yes you will have to pay for the download (In terms of data) but you will have the game for free, gratis, niks, Frescas.

There are several older titles you can download. Unfortunately the titles available don't always remain free. So you have to be quick.

Download Star Wars.PNG

EA Games currently offers FREE games for PC (Star Wars: The Old Republic with Expansion Packs) Command and Conquer: Tiberia Alliances is an Online Game and If you are a proper gamer you will remember quite fondly the Command and Conquer Series. I was welcomed back like this:




And if I am completely honest I was always fond of the Hand of Nod. Command and Conquer.PNG

They always had better weapons.


If you do prefer older Sports sims and don't mind paying for it, check out the FIFA collection. Prices starting from as low as R17.99 for expansion packs. And FIFA 16 is out for PC download.


You can find FREE Games for iPhone, iPad, Flash and Android games when you click here.


What is your favourite place to download games?


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Re: FREE PC Games

I currently download quite a bit of stuff from Xbox live, they have the games with gold program for the Xbox 360 & One which allows you to download the free game (as determined by Microsoft) of the month for each console to keep - I'm not entirely sure if the game remains playable on the One after the gold membership expires but it definately remains playable on the 360 . Microsoft renews the 'free' game every 15 or so days and you will know in advance which game is going to become available. The One hasn't had any great free titles as yet to speak of. I normally buy a one month membership (for R50) to get the free game (if it's one I really want), the added bonus is that I can also play online for the month and possibly download the 'free' game from the next cycle if it's one that I also want. Running out of bandwidth and will only get new data after your gold membership expires? No problem, do the 'free' purchase before your membership expires and wait until you have data to download the title. Another bonus is that all profiles one the console can play online with one gold membership :-)

For PC? Check out CDKeys.com or HumbleBundle.com for some awesome specials, I hardly ever buy hard copies of games anymore. I've even bought US specials from CDKeys for my Xbox One, just be careful that the purchase is not region restricted.