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066 numbers just dont work -THANKS FOR A GREAT NETWORK - NOT

Two weeks ago I bought 5 new prepaid SIM cards for SMS modems for controlling pumps

RICA done

Get new number sent to me

AIrtime - done

Loaded and labelled into My Vodacom website

Sends SMS's fine from test phone

Install into my SMS device

Logs in fine

Send test SMS - fine


Then I try sending an SMS from my phone to it (MTN) to issue an instruction (Start Pump)

No Response

Check airtime

Check message centre

Check PIN

Check in another device, sends fine from test phone.

SIM back into device

Factory settings. setup from scratch.

Try the missed call method - a nice lady's voice tells me: "The number you have dialled is invalid"

SIM out again

Try dialling it again - lady again telling me to check the number.

I check the number

Then i try a vodacom sim to vodacom sim - works!

try SMS ing from Vodacom - works.


By this stage this has taken me 2 days of stressing. Whole weekend gone.

Decide to call 111

I just begin explaining when the agent interrupts ; "yesss, there is a problem with the 066 numbers"




What now?

"no, the technicians are busy with it"


I go get MTN SIMS


But MTN doesnt offer the feature of loading multiple numbers onto one account for web management.


So tuesday rolls in, and i test the voda SIMS.. Sure enough, al working.


So I reinstall the Voda sims, All working great....

A week passes - install on site.

Works exactly ONCE


Then nothing. Again, I doubt myself: Battery Low ? (Solar system)


I fanally log onto the SMS module admin site. works fine.

I click - 066 gremlin again ?

phone 111


"yesss, there is a problem with the 066 numbers"





My site is 300km away, and Vodacom will hide behind their terms and contitions....


But my airtime will expire. NEH??


Maybe i should just close my tech business and become an airtime salesman.


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Re: 066 numbers just dont work -THANKS FOR A GREAT NETWORK - NOT

Good day


I can't speak for your 066 problem but if I can give you a silver lining, airtime, unlike data, does not expire. The only way you can 'lose' airtime is if your prepaid SIMs are inactive for a certain period at which point your number/s would be deleted and airtime lost. Otherwise you have nothing to worry about with regards to airtime expiration.


Hope that eases the stress a little

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Re: 066 numbers just dont work -THANKS FOR A GREAT NETWORK - NOT

I need data
Not airtime

Stress not eased, sorry.