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Wasp billing without my permission

I have been billed by Mt technology without my permission. They did refund me. Can you let me know if there is a way to block all Wasp service to avoid these charges.
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Re: Wasp billing without my permission

seems like the only thing you can do is stop them when you have but not block them from billing you, you can sms STOP to 31050 which will cancel any active WASP subscriptions
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Re: Wasp billing without my permission

The network providers (Vodacom, MTN, etc) should be responsible for paying for these WASP services which 99% of people are duped into by clicking (accidentally) on some website link which may or may not have T&C's in a font smaller than anyone can read saying they will be charged Rx per day for eternity.


Surely they can be sued somehow as it's the same as having an illigal debit order on your bank account without you having signed for it.


What makes this whole thing stink is that the service providers only provide a mechanism to cancel current fraudulent WASP subscriptions but do not provide a method to opt out of any WASP service forever on the supplied mobile number. Clearly they are milking their subscribers and make a huge money from these WASP providers.