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APN settings on K4203



we recently got a vodacom sim card as well as a Vodafone Mobile USB modem(K4203) but we cannot get it to connect in Windows, with the error Cant connect to the network, Enter an APN and try again.


Now I have tried a sim card from FNB and it connected and worked, so it is not the USB dongle, and I did check that the APN is set to internet with guest as username, but it still does not want to work, we have taken it to the shop, got a sim swap, waited for 4 hours and still didn't want to connect, can anyone maybe give me any help or advice ? 


When the sim is inserted into a phone and you try to call 100 or *111# it says not registered on network.. or something with MMI settings not correct...?


Any help will be appreciated



Werner Barnard