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Unable to setup email

Can anybody please help.  I have a telkom email . I  have a vodacom contract with obviously a vodacom sim card.

I have a new Huawei 7 lite and i have been uanable to get anybody to help me setup my email correctly.

I can receive emails but is unable to send.


I have spent 3 hours at telkom office and about the same at vodacom with no joy.

I am sending this message from my laptop. Which receives and sends emails with outlook .


Is there anybody that can help this frustrated woman?

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Re: Unable to setup email

Hi You need to go to the email account settings then check that the outgoing server is set to and the port is set to 25 also the security for outgoing should be set to none. This should solve the outgoing problem hope it helps with the frustration too
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Re: Unable to setup email

Agree with Azie


Your SMTP or outgoing server needs to be configured to the relevant ISP, in this case Vodacom.


You can use or using port 25 and no security. Alternatively you can try an agnostic server such as using port 25. 

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