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What game would you recommend?

So it's been a while since I actually switched on my Xbox or my PS4 and the real problem is that I don't have a game to obsess over. So I am looking for game for either or both consoles that you would highly recommend. Pop your answer in the replies below. And if you're selected I may just buy you a game of your choice.


It is as simple as that.



1. If you recommend the game, you must have played it.

2. The competition is open to all members of the Vodacom Community.

3. The competition will run until 31 May 2015.

4. You need to include detail as to why you recommend the game. See rule 1

5. Winners will be selected on the basis of number of page views each comment receives and kudos your post receives. 

6. Winners will be notified by private message. The Decision is final.

7. Be specific about the platform - some titles are limited to a specific platform.



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Re: What game would you recommend?

Project CARS for PS4. Best driving sim since Forza and GranTurismo..

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Re: What game would you recommend?

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I would recommend Grand Theft Auto 5.


As primarily a PC gamer, I held out on the games release to experience it on my platform of choice. (FYI, it was released to consoles a while back but only to PC recently). I was blown away completely.


With a game library of over 100 titles, there was only 1 I could play for 3 weeks and that was GTAV.

Hooked, addicted and completely ensconced in the beautiful living world of Los Santos. The story of 3 protagonists and their rise and fall in a game world so vivid and beautiful it has a heartbeat... Its a MUST play.


You'll find yourself racing cars, playing golf, doing yoga and planning heists, within one sitting.


I won't get started on GTA-Online. But take the above activites and add 31 other players and you have a recipe for successful chaos.