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Must read about the HTC One M9 HTC BoomSound™ with Dolby Audio™:





Most of us like music, and what is better that to play our favorite tune or song as loud as possible?

With the One M9 you have the brilliant BoomSound™ Audio speakers embedded into your phone.

But that's not all it has Virtual Surround Sound Dolby Audio™ as well.


Sometimes it's not always possible to wear your earphones (included with phone) or you just want to listen to your music so that everyone can enjoy it.

And here I must say HTC included the best speakers for pure music enjoyment with the One M9. And they are clearly miles ahead of the competition.


HTC is the first to put the speakers on the front of the phone, thus the sound comes towards you and this makes it so much better when you are listening to your favorite music.

Whereas other manufacturers have their speakers at the back and the sound or music is reflected away from the listener which then spoils it for the listener.


HTC also made sure with the dual front speaker system that you get a stereo affect with loud crisp sound when you play music thru your phone.

Thus you will find on the One M9 in the BoomSound™ system you have 5.1 Dolby™ Surround Sound simulation.


But that's not all the system works with the earphones (included with phone) on too, but in my humble opinion the earphones make the system come alive.

In other words it makes it even better with the earphones plugged in.

HTC created its own earphones so they made sure you get the best out of the sound system and they made sure you can take advantage of the extra power for your ears.


You can also use Boomsound™ Connect if you want to use external speakers and stream if it's a compatible device.


The HTC One M9 supports 24-bit audio so you can use this functionality to listen to high definition audio.

Not sure but if I look at the driver information it seems the BoomSound™ with Dolby Audio™ system is the trustworthy Creative Sound™ system.

Most Computer users will know them as they make excellent sound cards, speakers and other peripherals and have made them for decades now.

Which means you get a excellent sound system made by HTC™ and Creative™.


So what is better than hearing your music in three dimensions with such excellent sound system?




Comparison of HTC One M8 and One M9



I found this comparison by Phonearena on the One M8 and One M9:




As you can hear even in a noisy environment the Sound of the One M9 is clear and loud enough to listen to your favorite music and enjoy it without any disturbance or interference.

You can see HTC has kept with a winning recipe in the One M9.


If you like your music you can't go wrong purchasing the On M9.


What do you think of the BoomSound™ with Dolby Audio™? Will you purchase the phone for its excellent sound capabilities?


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Re: Must read about the HTC One M9 HTC BoomSound™ with Dolby Audio™:

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I think that HTC's front facing speakers are a great differentiator! Just about every time I use a device with a backward facing speaker I wonder how much better the experience could be ... and I also wonder why there aren't more manufacturers that offer a different speaker configuration?


As far as this topic is concerned I have read about strong opinions in both directions - In terms of once you experience front facing stereo speakers you never go back to they aren't worth the extra size / bevel width they add to the form factor.


I guess it really depends on what you do with the phone, if you mostly use a set of high quality headphones, then I guess amazing built in speakers are a bit of a moot point. But I'm sure they must add value if you are watching a video with a friend. I often flip my phone over with the backward facing speaker facing up if I am am just listening to something, this does make the audio louder but can cause a loss in the deeper frequencies and so sounds a bit tinier than when the bass has a surface to reverb against.


Anyway, I won't lie that I am curious to experience the HTC boom sound experience in person at some point. It's something I haven't had the pleasure of being aquainted with yet.



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Re: Must read about the HTC One M9 HTC BoomSound™ with Dolby Audio™:

I will be looking into the phone for myself, thank for the good article