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If you have the time to wait a bit, & are keen to get the latest Android phone available, then I suggest waiting for the HTC M10. HTC have been designing cell phones for the last 10 years, sometimes for other phone brands, but it was only when they launched the Desire range, & then the M range that things really took off.

The M7 was the big game changer, while the M8 & M9 were only slight advancements. The Apple like A9 gained a big following as well, & is still an exceptional phone in the mid range level. Teh new Desire 626 was also a great entry level phone.


With the 10 though, HTC have really stepped out, & you will be VERY hard pressed to find a better phone


The phone was released only a few days ago, & has already garnered high praises indeed from the cell phone community.

In a toss up between the Samsung S7 & S7 Edge when compared to the M10, this new phone ticks all the right boxes & then some, & moves ahead a little more than Samsung's offerings.


You can watch the full design video HERE, as well as all the list of specs HERE


There have been some good looking phones, & then there have been some great looking phones, & the HTC 10 is more than just great!


Here's some brief technical details for you that matter the most:


Weight 161g

5.2" Quad HD Screen (265 x 1440 pixels)

Super LCD 5

2.5D curved edge Gorilla Glass

820 Snapdragon Quad Core 64 bit Processor


Main Camera 12MP "Ultra Pixel" Camera (The pixel size of 1.55 microns, lets in more light with less grainy effect.)

Laser Autofocus & Optical Image Stabiliser

Slow mo Video & Hyperlapse

4K video recording with hi res audio

Front camera 5MP with 1.34 pixels


Laser focus


Sound (& this part is awesome)


HTC Boom sound

Dolby Audio

Personal audio profile to fit exactly how you hear things, for perfect sound

Hi Res Audio Headphones


Battery is 3000mAh, to handle the heaviest use of the phone

Rapid Charging 3 with Cool Charge

Up to 50% charge in only 30 minutes


ROM 32GB with 4GB RAM & Micro SD slot for up to a 2TB card (Good luck finding that in SA)


It ships out the box with Android OS 6, & Sense 8.


From all the reports that I have read & seen, this will be the phone to beat this year.


For availablity in SA, it would probably arrive on our shores by the end of July or so, so if you are nearing the end of your contract, or you think it's time for a new phone, then the M10 is the one for you.



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Re: HTC M10

Any word on when the HTC 10 will be available from Vodacom?

From what is said on the HTC SA Facebook page it seems Vodacom might not make it available on their network.
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Re: HTC M10

I had the Titan 2 (Kaiser), switched to a horrible brand after upgrading the Titan 2, and went back to the HTC on the M7. I now have the M8, and eagerly await the M10!!! Best devices I have ever owned thus far!

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Re: HTC M10

The question is not if it's a great device , but when and if Vodacom will stock it, Current the feedback from any vodacom shop/ rep is that Vodacom has discontinued the brand and are not going to stock the HTC brand anymore ....


HTC SA responded that it is currently awaiting testing results from ISP's but are also unable to give a release date of when and who will stock it ....

I'm the first tom move to the network that will carry stock 



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Re: HTC M10

Also awaiting feedback from Vodacom....! Will also move from Vodacom after 20 Years if another network stocks HTC.