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Premature Upgrade Possible



I drove over my phone as an accident as it fell out of my pocket yesterday 28 Aug 2016. Knowing I was only 2 months away from upgrading I thought it well be easy just to go in a do a premature upgrade as what I was able to do in the past.  Vodacom East Rand MAll,all 3 of their branches, clearly let me understood that I can't and that I was actually stupid not to have insurance on my phone.

Loyalty from customers to Vodacom should really stopped. I probably would have only needed to pay in R200(my handset instalment for 2 months) fom them to get me into another 2 year contract which is amazing for them.

But I'll wait for the contract to run out and then migrate to a different network. If we all do this they will eventually catch a wake up call.

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Re: Premature Upgrade Possible

I have had the same problem, how ever my biggest problem is nobody has bothered to get back to me. I have tried the website, hello peter and I have called in. for a service provider there isn't to much service going on, and they call them selves the best network. It's a joke.