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Incorrect Package Billing

Good day


I did an upgrade on my contract on 05 June 2017 and I changed my package from Red Advantage to Smart L plus.

To date vodacom still has not ammended my contract, and they are still billing me for the Higher Red advantage subscription.
I tried to ammend this through the Vodacom Call centre, but no one seems to be competetent enough to fix my account!!

I have spoken to various departments (Sales, Upgrade etc.) but without any success.

What can be done in this situation?

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Re: Incorrect Package Billing

I have the same problem.


Moved from Red Advantage to Smart M+ Top Up in August.


Spoken to Call Centre 4 x they say they can't sort it out the branch must do it.


Been to the Kollonade Branch 3 x times, today AGAIN - STILL NOT SORTED