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Early contract cancellation obligations

I currently have a uChoose Flexi 150 cotractwith Vodacom. Since last week Tuesday (14 March) I can now upgrade. However, according to my MyVodacom account, my contract only expires in June 2017.

I want to switch to another network however. I want to know what my contractual obligations would be if I were to cancel my contract with vodacom now (say, from 1 April)? In other words cancelling my contract 3 months before it expires?

Do I pay a cancellation fee or do I have to continue paying my installments for the 3 remaining months or what?
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Re: Early contract cancellation obligations

Hi Yes there will be a premature cancellation fee which will need to be paid a premature cancellation quote can be obtained by calling 0821958 they will fax/email this to you thereafter you will need to make payment of the amount on the quote then email quote plus ID copy to the email address on the quote.