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pathetic service

As a loyal Vodacom customer for more that 10years I am extremely disappointed in the service I have recently received. I had taken my phone to Vodacom for repairs and after a week I was informed that my device is ready for collection. I then picked it up and paid for the repair only to find out that my device is still broken and was not tested before being returned to me. I then went back to Vodacom to inquire about this and was told that the device would be booked in for a second time without being charged, to my disappointment my device could not be repaired and was told that my money would be refunded. After multiple visits to Vodacom I now receive a call requesting me to provide proof of payment for the repair. This is extremely poor service as the staff at the store completed several documents which I was given copies of stating all the details of the transaction. I am deeply disappointed in Vodacom as they have caused me so much inconvenience over the past few weeks.