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Vodacom website and app is useless

What is the point of having the website if I get errors every time I log in, cannot use it so it is pointless?

Getting the following after login:


1. eception-accountinformation-optional-empty

2. Unfortunately, we are having technical issues and working to resolve these as soon as possible, please try again later, 


Been getting the same errors every day, what is the issue and how difficult can it be to resolve it, 


Signed up for 2 new contracts 2 weeks ago, and been regretting it since then, 

Customer care is not helpful, emails are not getting answered, so what are my options here????


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Re: Vodacom website and app is useless

Same for me, cannot get an invoice for any of my contracts keep getting : we are experiencing technical difficulties error messages. Utter and completely useless.
Need to call them every time to get an invoice for numbers which are not my main number