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Poor poor poor service from Vodacom

Upgraded to a new Samsung A5, when switching my phone off, the device did not acknowledge my password.  Took it back to the shop.  The Vodacom employee tydped in my pin and all of a sudden it worked.  He switched the phone off and on again and the password would not work again.  He sent the phone away as an Out of box failure.  After being without a phone for almost 3 weeks they insinuated I did not know my password - they never called back informing me of anything - I had to constantly call them to enquire as to what is going on and when could I expect an answer of my phone for that matter.  Then I was asked if they could do a hard reset, which they did, lost all my data, received back the same phone (on which they probably reloaded the software), although no one ever told me what and if anything was done. 


My opinion of the matter is that when copying data from your old phone to the new phone, there must be some kind of interference with the software.


Now they have removed the CLIP on my phone and all numbers show unknown.  Asking them to rectify it I am told it will only be rectified on the 1st of June - Why why why - I have been without my normal phone as it should be working since upgrading but I am still liable for the same monthly fee.