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Numbers calling me " do not exist" when I call back

This is strange - in my view - two numbers have been calling me over the past two days: 087 741 0349 & 087 741 0350 - when I call back, Vodacom informs me that these numbers do not exist. Clearly, these numbers are related since they are consecutive.


I have obviously blocked them both now but does anyone know why this happens? Are they robocalls from a call centre??


It seems extremely odd that a non existent number can make a phone call!!!

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Re: Numbers calling me " do not exist" when I call back

More than likely using VOIP "Voice Over IP" to make the calls which basically means it using an internet line to make the call hence the number can not be called back. You are more than correct in aying it could be tele-marketers try downloading TrueCaller from your app store and use this app to screen calls.