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Is Vodacom striving to the worst service provider?

I have spent nearly an hour on your helpline only to be cut off and not get a call back. Are you attempting to frustrate your customers to the point where they just give up? Your service must the worst of any company. I have had far better service from Home Affairs. 


My problem: I have paid for data that disappeared, and nobody can give me reason! 


Since I have renewed my contract I have had endless problems with Vodacom. I regret signing up with this company. 

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Re: Is Vodacom striving to the worst service provider?

I want to ask the same question, because although the advertisements say that Vodacom is the best internet supplier, it is not the truth for us.
We are staying on a farm where the signal is very bad. About two months ago we phoned Vodacom to ask assistance for a technician to come and see if it will help for a signal strengthen devise in the house will work. We explained our problem and got a reference number: 1/10435051532026
Every time we phoned they just said they are busy with it, but nobody contacts us or do anything about it.
The service is Really terrible and if you phone, you have to stay on the line for at least 20min!
Please can somebody please assist us with this problem