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Incorrect Package Billing

On 3rd August I went to Vodacom, Kollonade Branch, Montana Pretoria. Contract was due for ugrade/renewal.


I did the documentation to move from Red Advantage package to Smart M + Top Up effective 1st September 2017.


The package is on special R 239.00/month on 24-month contract.


Somehow the package was loaded incorrectly on my account.


So now instead of being Invoice R 239.00 I'm being Invoice R 478.99.


I have contacted the Call Centre 4 x times and have been to the Branch 3 x times and it still has not been sorted.


I have been with Vodacom for 20-years, same number, never missed a payment, loyal customer have had problems in the past but not like this. If this is not sorted this week I'm Cancelling my contract with Vodacom and they will loose me as a customer after 20-years of support.