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Dual sim devices

 so this question is for vodacom.


im looking to upgrade and want a dual sim phone, like example the P8 Lite LTE. now what makes my blood boil is when i call the call centre and ask the lady i want to upgrade wich phones do you have that have dual sims.


her answer each time is vodacom does not sell dual sim phones. and even telling her im looking for dual sim phones in the hardware related term the more im still being told no vodacom doesnt sell dual sim phones.


so by now after having to debate the fact that vodacom does sell phones with dual sim hardware, and yet  the vodacom shops or call centre all still keep with the onle line vodacom does not sell dual sim phones.


WTF man, can vodacom not just say yes we have 1 2 3 phone with dual sims how ever the second sim function is disabled and can only be used for extending internal storage.


personally that will make the frustration levels much less.


so please vodacom can you tell me why you are disabeling the dual sim option ?


if we buy a car, they dont disable the side impact airbags because the car is now reduced in price, so why do that with the phones


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Re: Dual sim devices

Sorry to hear about your troubles, but I am afraid they will never end.


Vodacom has the worst customer service by far.  The only one that used to be worse was DSTV, but they have jacked up things a lot.

Unfortunately Vodacom just puts bodies on seats, but they don't train them and don't ask for a manager either - they are just as clueless.


If you want a dual sim phone with the functionality activated then Cell C is your only bet and that is sad.


I don't know why Vodacom would not enable the second sim, it means another simcard that they can get money for!

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Re: Dual sim devices

i bought a P9 Lite in December from Vodacom in a shop called Chats in N1 City and i am very, very disappointed in there service. The worst ever. i ask for a dual sim card phone and i got the P9 Lite. I went back the next day and tell them the 2nd card does not work. They told me, yes it is because Vodacom order it like that (disable the 2nd sim). i can only assume it is to force you to buy 2 phones, so they can make more money. Why bodering and advertice a dual sim on any of there phones. aAt the same time i went on holiday and my sim was not activate. on my return i went to them and ask to activate and told them i did phone a couiple of times to there store without sucess during the holiday. once active, the caller ID was not activate and i have to go back again.

why the hell are the service in general go backwards in this area, while we supposed to going forawrd.


i thinking of laying an officail complain for misleading the public and not everybody are prepare to fight for their rights, while i will go the exstream to let the truth be make public and all to be trwad fair.