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Kindle Gone

I have (on another number) a Vodacom Tablet, Model number VFD 1100, Android version 6.0.
I have added an SD card to my tablet and ever since that time Kindle disappeared completely from my apps.


It worked fine before.


So the night before I used my last mobile data to download the Kindle App again from Playstore and then it installed, but would not run. It just got to the first page with button that says start reading.


Yesterday morning I tried to go on WiFi at the office (because I thought it might work better) and the next thing the entire app disappeared completely off my tablet.


Then I downloaded it again for the third time and installed it again, but it would not go further than that first page with 'start reading' button. It does not allow me to sign in. Over Wifi it says "unable to connect to Amazon. Please verify the Wi-Fi status and device date and time, then try again. For help, visit their website. 

I then had to switch off my device for some reason, but when I switched it back on, Kindle was gone again.


I asked Kindle first, but they say I need to find out from my tablet manufacturer why icons are disappearing from my home screen or why the entire app is disappearing from my apps. Who should I ask?