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iPhone 6S iMessage not activating

Hey all,


I've had this problem for almost a year now since getting a new iPhone 6S and neither the Apple iStore or Vodacom Customer Service are able to help. I can send iMessage's to other Apple devices via my email address but I cannot send SMS/ text messages to non-Apple devices. However, I can recieve text messages but just can't reply to them.

Problem: iMessage and Facetime doesn't activate. When I toggle it on/off it says 'Waiting for activation' for about 30 minutes and then settles on 'Activation unsuccessful. Turn on iMessage to try again'


In the 'Send & Recieve' area, only my email address is ticked and activated but my mobile number doesn't show up, this is the same on Facetime.


I've tried nearly everything, I've verified by mobile number, signed in and out of iCloud, reset settings, restored software to factory settings, etc etc.


I've used a friend's MTN sim card and was able to send and receive both text and iMessages and did the same with another Vodacom sim, so, the phone is working fine, it is my account/ sim that is not verifying.


If anyone can help please shout as I'm sure this is a Vodacom issue whereby my phone is not receivng the token sent by Apple to activate texting.

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Re: iPhone 6S iMessage not activating

Hi Mattschew


This is usually related to a block on internationa SMS or the like since iMessage and FaceTime send a message to an international number to activate. If you're on a Prepaid or Hybrid/Top Up billing system you will need to have airtime to activate too.


Please send me a private message with all your details so that I can look into it.

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Re: iPhone 6S iMessage not activating

Hi I have the same problem on my iPhone from the 1st of June when the new cotract came into affect. iMessage, Fasetime is not working, and my phone also dont go to 4G, although if a put another sim card into it 4G works, tallked to about 5 different people on 111 , nothing they do seems to help, but I thnink they dont understand