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Stand a chance of winning the LG G4 Beat.

The Vodacom Community is looking for a few lucky individuals to review the new LG G4 Beat. One lucky reviewer will get to keep the phone as their prize.




What you need to know
The competition is open to everyone registered for the Vodacom Community. You have to be a Vodacom Subscriber in order to register for the Vodacom Community. Not yet a Vodacom subscriber? Switch today to really start enjoying the benefits.


How the competition works
Firstly you need to tell us why you’re good enough to review the new LG G4 Beat. This can be through showing off your latest review, highlighting your influence on social media or because you the Queen or King of gadgets. Be creative, this is your time to get noticed.

Want us to pick you? Get your friends to comment and share your post on social media.



You’ve been selected, now what?
We would like to select everyone but we can’t. If you haven’t been selected this round, don’t worry, we might have other plans for you. We really do want you to be a part of the Vodacom Community. So please don’t give up.
Once you’ve been selected, please check your Private Message inbox for details. You will be requested to provide a lot of information. Secondly you will be given the rules of the competition.


Each reviewer will be given a handset to review in a manner they feel is appropriate. This can be in video, text, photos – the sky is the limit. Be creative, think about what you want to see if you were reading someone else’s review. Don’t forget to share this on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ social media as a whole.




Winners will be selected based on the number of Kudos each review receives. In the past we have allocated points for page views, number of posts but we’ve made it a little harder now. What are Kudos? It is the little stars under each poster’s name. Click on it and you give the poster a Kudo.


The winner will be selected on who has the most Kudos, provided the person with the most Kudos has more than a total of 5 Kudos. If no one has more than 5 kudos for this campaign then no winner will be selected.


The competition will kick off from 1 September 2015 and end on 6 October 2015 at 23H59. Winners will be announced 2 weeks after the closing date.




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Want to increase your chances of becoming one of our reviewers?


Use the hashtag #G4BeatSA and tag @LGMobileSA and @vodacom

You can also post to Vodacom and LG Mobile South Africa on Facebook


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Re: Stand a chance of winning the LG G4 Beat.

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The Subject of Low Light Camera Performance:


In the modern smartphone realm cameras on phones have improved to the point where in most cases you don't need a digital camera anymore.  Some of the smartphone cameras are so good these days that they can capture photos in decent detail even during night time.


The LG G4 has an exceptionally good camera and excells at low light performance, check out some night time shots with the LG G4 from here.  This then brings me onto the LG G4 Beat, how will it compare to its big brother?  This is a typical mid-range device with the emphasis placed a little more on the camera, it features an 8 Megapixel rear camera with manual mode to control various parameters of photography.


Last night I did a low light test of my own to show you the importance of low light camera performance, the one camera was a 13 Megapixel camera on a Samsung Galaxy S4, and the other was a 10 Megapixel camera on a Nokia Lumia 830.  Even though the Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a night mode, and the option to manually set some parameters in the settings the manual controls of Lumia Camera on the Lumia 830 still fared better and capturing light at scenary:


Taken with the Galaxy S4:

Low Light S4 1

Low Light S4 2

Low Light S4 3


Taken with the Nokia Lumia 830: (taken at exact same time and location with manual controls)

Lumia Pro Camera 0

Lumia Pro Camera 1



Having a high resolution camera does not neccesarily mean that it takes great pictures as seen from above.


Mid-Rangers have become my favourite segment of the mobile market, steadily their specification levels are improving and you need not spend a fortune to have a good phone anymore.


Pleas like my post by clicking on the Kudos button as I would like to review the LG G4 Beat, Let's find out how good its camera is and what other things the G4 Beat excells at.


Find LG on social media by following the hashtag:






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Re: Stand a chance of winning the LG G4 Beat.

Hi Guys,


Please consider this as my intent to review.

My posts can be seen under Jatin and JatinC respectively.



Jatin Channa

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Re: Stand a chance of winning the LG G4 Beat.

Come on, you can do better than that.
This is a little weak. What do you think @WOW
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Re: Stand a chance of winning the LG G4 Beat.

Hahaha...No shortcuts huh?


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Re: Stand a chance of winning the LG G4 Beat.

HTC 8x Review: Sliver Of Brilliance.


It's not common knowledge that HTC actually stands for High-Tech Computer Corporation. Over the years, their in-house android devices have certainly lived up to the name by providing customers all over the world with cutting-edge and innovative smartphone technologies. Even Google saw such ambition and provided HTC with the means to produce their own prestigious Nexus line of devices. Unfortunately this success never filtered down to their Windows devices a few years back. The best of the lot, HTC Titan, was mediocre at best. With that said, the HTC 8X was the company’s first foray into the Windows OS since 2012. The smartphone community had high hopes for HTC to finally to capture the greatness and innovation achieved within the Android division. So, one must wonder, did they succeed? Read on for my final verdict.




  • Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE support
  • Quad-band 3G with 42 Mbps HSDPA and 5.7 Mbps HSUPA support
  • 4.3" 16M-color S-LCD2 capacitive touchscreen of 720 x 1280 pixel resolution
  • Scratch resistant Gorilla Glass 2 display
  • 8 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash, 1080p@30fps video recording
  • 2.1MP front-facing camera
  • Windows Phone 8 OS
  • 1.5GHz dual-core Krait CPU, Adreno 225 GPU, Qualcomm MSM8960 chipset, 1GB of RAM
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band
  • GPS receiver with A-GPS and GLONASS support
  • Digital compass
  • 16GB of inbuilt storage
  • Active noise cancellation with a dedicated mic
  • Built-in accelerometer and proximity sensor
  • Standard 3.5 mm audio jack
  • microUSB port
  • Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP and EDR, file transfers
  • Xbox Live integration and Xbox management
  • Data Sense
  • NFC support
  • HTC exclusive apps
  • Beats audio enhancements
  • FM Radio




The HTC 8x features a gorgeous 720p 4.3 HD panel that achieves a more than satisfactory 341 pixels per inch (ppi). Interestingly, the capacitive touchscreen is coated with a laminated surface for sharper visuals and noticeably less reflections. The visuals remain crisp, with deep blacks and a more richer colour palette. In terms of durability, screen is constructed utilizing Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2. This should provide more than adequate protection from most drops and scratches caused by keys and remotes etc. All in all, the HTC 8x screen packs quite a punch due to its vivid display and above-par durability.


Design and build quality

The HTC 8x boasts an excellent ergonomic design that was engineered one-hand usage.  At 5.2 inches high, the device was built with portability in mind. Rigid corners and deep bezels on the display  exude a business centric vibe that will complement the boardroom. Capacitive buttons are included at the bottom of the device without sacrificing the screen real estate. A 2MP front camera is also located near the top next to the speaker grille and the LED notification light.  However, the rear of the device consists of a soft touch polycarbonate finish that feels excellent in the hand. The device is available in a wide range of colours, from  the eccentric California Blue to the more subtle Graphite Black.



Windows Phone 8 has clearly been optimized for the HTC 8x. The OS is driven by a rather snappy 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus processor and provides solid groundwork for the Windows 8 OS. Day –to-day tasks such as calling, email and internet browsing run swiftly and I experienced no lag whatsoever. Third party apps on HTCs latest   flagship and proved to run without any issues. Multitasking is at the forefront of the Windows 8 kernel and it is no different here. Apps remain suspended in the background while all resources are utilized towards current processes. The new OS architecture is fully compatible with 4G which resulted in a blazing fast download and upload speeds. Ultimately, this results in a much smoother browsing experience. In terms of call quality, I have no complaints as both parties heard one another audibly  and clearly. Beats Audio is no longer just a marketing strategy as music and video playback blew me away with rich bass and  a high-end portable speaker level of audio quality. The renewed multimedia focus does take its toll on the battery, as the device will require charging on a nightly basis under moderate to high usage.However, the graceful performance of the HTC 8x negates the mediocre battery life as its true beauty lies in the high level of feature rich optimization offered by HTC and Microsoft.


OS & Apps

wp_ss_20150313_0001.png wp_ss_20150411_0001.pngwp_ss_20150813_0002.png


HTC has certainly nailed the core functionalities of the Windows 8 experience. The live tile interface is back and has been tweaked to offer more functionalities and an added layer of customization. Both the colour and size of your tiles can be adjusted according to your preference. Personally, my most used apps are afforded a large size to ensure convenient selection. However, it must be noted that Windows Phone 8 has a long way to go before it can offer the same level of customization offered by Android and iOS. Nonetheless, this fault does not inherently lie with HTC, but with Microsoft itself. With that said, I do believe the Windows Phone  8 OS is the is the easiest to use compared to the competition and I hope more individuals do give it a try. This is not to say the OS is not at fault, as first party apps are kept at a bare minimum with essentials such as Data Sense only being implemented with later updates. HTC is between a rock and a hard place as it does not have access to the quite excellent Google Maps and Nokia Drive. Bing Maps is available and offers competent an navigation suite to get you where you need to be. The interface may be slightly basic but it is nowhere near as dismal to the likes of Apple Maps. With that said, Both HTC and Microsoft have work to do in their app and mapping offerings if they want compete with big leagues and increase their market share.




Let’s be honest. The camera offerings has never been the must-have feature in HTCs repertoire. However, this is by no means a dealbreaker as the HTC 8x offers a modest, yet respectable 8MP rear shooter. Images appear somewhat bland at first, but if you are to go into your options, you can increase the quality by altering a few settings. It’s not rocket science as I noticed increasing the default 6MP to 8MP does notch up the overall quality, especially when being outputted to larger screens. One can also adjust exposure and apply a variety of filters to increase the artistic merit of photographs. Otherwise, the basics are here with burst mode, LED Flash, panorama and High Dynamic Range (HDR) making the cut. A more than sufficient 2.1 MP front facing camera saves the day by offering excellent video conferencing performance, and selfies, if you are into that. The images above showcase a decent camera performance by HTC and is certainly an improvement from its lacklustre camera  offerings in the past.


In conclusion, HTC has succeeded in their modest ambition of providing the most streamlined Windows Phone 8 offering yet. The high end specifications and striking physical design does classify the HTC 8x as a premium Windows flagship at an affordable pricepoint. However, power means nothing when app suites on the device remain so basic. The barebones app store and average camera offerings further deepens the trench as the HTC 8X lacks that killer app that could make it stand toe to toe with Android and iOS. However, one must acknowledge it  does the basics quite brilliantly, and for some, that is all that matters. Internet browsing remains robust, and video playback is a beauty to behold on the 4.3 inch 720p display. Furthermore, Beats Audio stands out from the crowd by offering the  best music experience on a Windows smartphone to date. All in all, the foundation provided here is near perfect but HTC failed to capitalize on giving the HTC 8X a unique identity that would set it apart from the rest of the competition.



Windows Phone 8 streamlined and simple to use.

Swift performance

Laminated 4.3 inch screen

Beats Audio Integration

Edgy yet striking design



Mediocre Battery

Barebones App store

Few customization options

No killer app.


Should you buy this smartphone?


For the most accessible Windows experience , yes. HTC played it safe here by providing an excellent smartphone that lacks any innovative ideas. Nonetheless, this is a fantastic media-centric smartphone that dabbles in mediocrity in other areas. However, this device is ideal for Windows enthusiasts or those who willing to give the new OS a trial run without breaking the bank. However, if you are looking for a robust app store or a feature-rich experience I suggest you look elsewhere.


Similar devices that might interest you: Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820.


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Re: Stand a chance of winning the LG G4 Beat.

I have found this massive bond between me and smartphones or rather gadgets... It's so magnificently huge that it cannot be disconnected like WiFi and Bluetooth. I believe I can review the new LG G4 Beat so efficiently, more especially with my African accent, nothing can go wrong. From its physical design to its interior... (LOL Did I just say interior?) Well to its electronic inner capabilities it has, I can talk the G Language with the G4 Beat.
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Re: Stand a chance of winning the LG G4 Beat.

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I'd love to be given the opportunity to review & win the LG G4 Beat. I recently reviewed the HTC One M8 & it was very well received!


I'm very active on social media. You can find me on Twitter:  @cuzzi_ga


I also have a secret weapon. An 8 year old technofile son who will put the device through it's paces once it arrives. He literally started panting the last time I brought hiome a new smartphone! 

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Re: Stand a chance of winning the LG G4 Beat.

@JatinC and @CuzziGa We need a tie breaker. You'd better get those Kudos coming in. One of you will win the next spot to review the LG G4 Beat

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Re: Stand a chance of winning the LG G4 Beat.

I can hardly wait for the 6th October... Check what just happened to my wife's phone! #eish


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